30 Unique Gift Ideas For Motorcycle Riders: A Rider’s Perspective

If you have a friend, family member, or loved one who loves motorcycles, getting them a gift that has to do with motorcycles is an excellent choice. For a lot of people, motorcycles are more than just a hobby. It’s a way of life.

But trying to find the right gift for your motorcycle lover can be difficult. As an avid motorcyclist myself, I love getting gifts that have to do with motorcycles. Here are some unique gift ideas (coming from a motorcycle rider) that your motorcycle enthusiast is bound to love.

Drawing Of Their Motorcycle

Most motorcycle owners are quite proud of the machine they ride. It’s almost like a part of them; there’s nothing quite like riding a motorcycle and experiencing the freedom it provides.

If you or someone you know has some artistic abilities, you might want to try out making a drawing of your loved one’s motorcycle and give that to them as a gift. Even if you don’t have the resources to draw it yourself, it’s likely that you’ll find someone who can through classified ads for a decent price.

It could be a pencil sketch, colored pencil, painting, chalk, or any other type of creative art. Throw that in a frame and your motorcycle lover is bound to beam with pride!

Personalized Motorcycle Alphabet Art

Photographers have a tendency to turn ordinary pictures into something extraordinary. Even with the small and simplest of things. If your motorcycle lover likes to hang sentimental pictures on their wall, a personalized motorcycle name art piece might be perfect for them.

Name art is when a photographer takes a picture of an object that looks like a letter. While taking several pictures of each letter in the alphabet, a photographer can compile the letters together and make a word out of it.

You can find one here on Amazon.com. This particular artist has taken pictures specifically from a motorcycle and can compile any name you want. Let them know what name you need printed and they’ll put together any motorcycle letters for you.

“Remove Before Flight” Key Chain

You’ve probably heard the phrase “remove before flight” before. Lately, this phrase has become more and more popular with a lot of machines beside just airplanes or aircrafts.

Motorcyclists are particularly taking an interest in this phrase. This phrase is usually associated as a safety warning before an aircraft takes off. Obviously, motorcycles aren’t aircrafts but we like to associate our motorcycles with them because of their speed and the feeling we get while riding.

A “Remove Before Flight” attachment to a keychain is a perfect gift idea for a motorcycle rider. I personally have one of these on my motorcycle key chain. It kind of adds to the cool factor of the motorcycle and is a nice accessory for onlookers to see.

Detailing Kit

If your motorcycle rider loves to have a clean bike and is constantly concerned about how the motorcycle looks, a detailing kit may be the perfect gift idea for them.

You can find cleaning kits specifically for motorcycles at most auto stores. Getting one specific for a motorcycle is important because a motorcycle has different components compared to a car. These kits should include a plastic and leather cleaner, wax, metal polisher, spray and rinse, and water repellent for the very end.

Amazon Gift Card

Giving an Amazon gift card to a motorcycle lover seems like a less endearing, generic type of gift. It may seem like thought wasn’t put into it, but I assure you that you can make this type of gift more endearing if you give it in the right way.

This is actually one of my favorite types of gifts I get as a motorcyclist. I hate when people buy me gear because it’s usually not my style or it doesn’t fit right and I end up returning it anyway. An Amazon gift card gives your motorcycle lover the freedom to choose the specific type and style of gear or merchandise they like without having someone else choose it for them. If you’re stuck without knowing what to get them, this is the perfect solution.

To make this more endearing, put a little note on the card that reads something like “You’re only allowed to spend this on something for your motorcycle. Get something nice that you love.” This is bound to get any motorcyclist excited about getting something they’ve been wanting to get for a while.

Helmet Defogger

One big frustration about riding a motorcycle with a helmet is occasionally dealing with fog and condensation that builds up inside. Not only is this annoying, but it’s also dangerous.

Full face helmets are especially susceptible to fogging up during the colder months of the year as the properties of condensation are more ideal in cold temperatures. Sure, spit works sometimes but there’s only so much you can do with that without grossing out everyone around you..

A helmet defogger is a perfect gift idea for a motorcyclist that has a full face helmet, especially if they do a lot of riding during the colder months of the year. A solution like this only needs to be sprayed on the inside of the helmet every so often and can be found at most auto or home improvement stores.

Photo Shoot

As I had mentioned earlier, most motorcycle riders and owners take a lot of pride in their motorcycle. If you are looking for a gift for a motorcycle lover who really prides themselves in how their motorcycle looks, a pre-paid photo shoot of their motorcycle is the perfect gift idea.

This was once a gift given to me and has been one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received. My wife’s cousin is a photographer and had a studio; she set it up so I took my motorcycle into the studio and had some stunning professional pictures taken of it.

This also gives your motorcycle lover the option of being in the pictures with the motorcycle. Most of the pictures taken of my motorcycle were without me in them, but I’m glad I was in a few of them.

Piston Clock

If your motorcycle enthusiast has a desk or office that needs a little bit of decorating, a piston clock may be the perfect addition. Really, a piston clock is an excellent addition to a motorcyclist’s life in general.

This is a creative piece of art that many have made. It’s possible for you to make one if you have a spare piston and piston rod with a clock face. If not, many online platforms have them for sell. You can find one here on Amazon.com.

This clock includes an upside down piston with the rod sticking up and a clock face placed inside the bearing. It’s a genius idea and looks amazing. Any gear head would be happy to have this.

Detailer Gift Card

I know we’ve already covered getting a gift for a motorcyclist who loves to have their motorcycle constantly clean. But sometimes there are riders out there who love a clean motorcycle without actually having to clean it themselves.

Most auto detailers will also do motorcycles. It takes a lot more to clean a motorcycle than you would think, and detailers know exactly how to make a motorcycle looks spic and span as if it was new. Even if your motorcycle enthusiast doesn’t clean their motorcycle that much, perhaps giving a gift card for a detail is a way to tell them to treat themselves and their motorcycle.

Framed Patent Prints

If you’ve never seen patent prints before, they’re drawings of the blueprints of certain types of motorcycles and specific parts that go along with them. These are a seriously cool addition to any motorcyclist’s wall.

I have some of these hanging up in my garage. There are patent prints of any type of motorcycle you can think of. Put them in a frame (if they don’t already come in one) and let him/her hang it up in any place they’d like including a garage, office, or bedroom.

3D Optical Illusion Lamp

A 3D optical illusion lamp is a neat idea and I really hope someone get this for me at some point. This is a lamp that lights up and projects the detailed shape of a motorcycle. You can find one here on Amazon.com.

This particular one from Amazon.com comes in several different colors, meaning it can illuminate in one color or the other or it will shift between different colors. This inexpensive device is likely to make a wonderful addition to the home of any motorcycle lover as it serves as a reminder to them what truly brings light into their life.

Motorcycle Cuff Links

A lot of people assume that if you ride a motorcycle, you have one particular style. The truth is, there are hundreds of different types of styles in the motorcycle world and us motorcycle riders don’t all love the same things.

If your motorcycle rider is a particularly a classy person, giving them motorcycle cuff links would be a perfect addition to their motorcycle attire. They can keep it formal but still keep their personality in their formality.

You can find plenty of different types of cuff links by clicking this link here that’ll take you to Etsy.com. There are lots of styles to choose from as well as the ability to personalize them if you’d like.

Heated Gloves

I usually try to shy away from suggesting specific gear as a gift for a motorcyclist; gear is something very specific to a rider and their preference and taste. However, heated gloves is something I’d absolutely recommend for any motorcycle rider.

If you’re looking for a gift for a motorcycle rider that rides often during the cold months of the year, this is a huge must. Not only does it make them more comfortable, but it’ll help with their safety as well.

I specifically recommend any of these heated gloves from Motosport.com. These high quality gloves run on either battery power or are rechargeable. They’re also waterproof and quite roomy so any motorcyclist would be comfortable navigating their bike with any of these on.

Helmet Rack

Motorcyclists sometimes have a hard time finding the right place to put their motorcycle helmet. That’s problematic because if a helmet is placed in the wrong spot and gets any damage, it could ruin the helmet altogether. Stuffing them in the closet is usually what a lot of people do, but they’re so big and bulky and are often in the way.

A perfect solution (as well as a perfect gift idea) is getting a helmet rack for your motorcyclist. These are actually pretty simple to make (I made mine myself). Or you can find them on many online platforms such as eBay, Amazon, or Etsy. It’s perfect for holding a helmet and is stylish when the helmet isn’t on it.

Motorcycle Lift

I work on my motorcycle a lot. In fact, I had a small business of flipping motorcycles to help pay for my college education. I quickly found that having to crouch down to the low spots on motorcycles really hurt my back and muscles.

The majority of motorcycle owners will tinker with their motorcycle at some point during their ownership. Having to crouch down is a pain, even for young riders. That’s why a motorcycle lift is a perfect gift idea for a motorcyclist. I specifically recommend the Black Widow Hydraulic Lift from Discount Ramps (link to discountramps.com).

This particular lift is made specifically for motorcycles. Not only does it raise a motorcycle to a more workable level, but it helps to reach those otherwise unreachable spots.

Ebay Gift Card

Like I had mentioned with the Amazon gift card, an eBay gift card can seem a bit thoughtless since it’s just, well, a giftcard. But again, you can make this type of gift seem very thoughtful if you give it in the right way.

Getting an eBay gift card is another one of my favorite gifts to receive as a motorcycle rider. Sometimes Amazon doesn’t have the particular parts I want to get for my motorcycle. And sometimes I’m looking for something that’s used so I can get it a little cheaper. Ebay is a perfect platform to do that.

Ebay has a slew of new and used items, especially for motorcycles. It was my go-to when I was restoring motorcycles and I continue to use it frequently. Like the Amazon gift card, put a note on the card that says something like “I don’t want to choose motorcycle parts for you, so use this eBay gift card for whatever upgrades you’d like for your motorcycle.”

Tow Dolly

A tow dolly is a seriously cool contraption for any motorcycle rider. A tow dolly is something you hook to the back of a car (any type of car that has a hitch) and can haul most types of motorcycles by hooking the front tire to it.

Sometimes motorcycle owners need a way to transport their motorcycle from point A to point B without actually riding it. Having a tow trailer would be ideal, but not all of us have something like that laying around to use. That’s why a tow dolly, like the Yescom Rack (link to Amazon.com), is incredibly convenient to have.

These only weigh about 35 pounds and are quite small, so storing them in the corner of the garage shouldn’t be a problem. This is a perfect gift for any motorcyclist, especially ones who find themselves towing their bike a lot.

Road Trip Map

This suggestion if more specifically for the touring motorcyclist. A lot of touring bikers out there take pride in the amount of miles they’ve taken their motorcycle and the places they’ve been with it. Being able to document those trips might be important to them.

One great way to keep track of all of their touring trips is using a road trip map. This gift idea for a motorcyclist includes a map of the United States (or whatever country they’re in) and pictures added to whatever state they traveled to with their bike.

Whether they would want to keep this in a easy to see place in their home or in the privacy of their bedroom, this is a visual way to show others all the amazing road trips they’ve taken on their motorcycle.

Battery Tender

One of the most frustrating things about owning a motorcycle is having to deal with battery issues. Technology is getting better on motorcycles, but motorcycles are especially susceptible to drained batteries due to parasitic drain.

Giving a battery tender to a motorcycle rider is always a good idea if they don’t already have one. A battery tender, like this one found on Motosport.com, is a contraption that hooks up to the battery and charges it to it’s optimal voltage.

Battery tenders are really helpful because they have a sensor on them that will know when the battery is full and stop charging so it doesn’t overcharge. It’s a worry free tool and does the work for the rider.

Books About Motorcycles

I love to read and I also love everything about motorcycles. Mixing the two is an excellent combination and would be a perfect gift idea for the motorcycle loving reader.

There are thousands of books out there to choose from. One of my favorites is a motorcycle encyclopedia my wife gave me one year for Christmas. Think about a particular aspect of motorcycling your loved one enjoys and I can guarantee there’s a book about it somewhere.

Ground Anchor

Unfortunately, motorcycles are more susceptible to theft mostly because of how accessible and lighter they are compared to other vehicles. It’s especially important to consider the right safety measures when owning a motorcycle.

Not every motorcycle rider has access to a garage to store their bike in. This increases their chances of their bike getting stolen. If your loved on is in a situation like this, a ground anchor like this one on Motosport.com would be a welcomed gift.

A ground anchor is a contraption that nails to the cement underneath it. It has a hook on it so a motorcyclist can chain their bike to the anchor. It’s tamper resistant so any thief wouldn’t be able to detach it from the ground.

Action Camera For Helmet

Documenting a motorcycle ride, especially a scenic route, is always something any motorcycle rider would like to do. An action camera like the Remali (link to Amazon.com) is something that can do this very thing for a motorcycle rider. It’s much like a GoPro including excellent quality but is much more affordable.

There are lots of riders out there that attach a camera to their helmet and let it record everything they’re doing. Some like to have these on in case they get in an accident and have a recording of what actually happened.

If you plan on giving your loved one who enjoys riding a motorcycle an action camera, make sure you also give them the right attachment that connects to their helmet. Any attachment that requires to be screwed through the helmet should be avoided as that can make the helmet less effective. There are plenty of low-cost adhesive attachments you can choose from.

Motorcycle Parking Sign

A motorcycle parking sign is a simple, classic gift that’s great for any motorcycle lover. Usually on the cheaper end, you can find all sorts of signs that will fit the personality of a motorcycle rider. These types of signs are perfect to place in a garage or even an office

Motorcycle Whiskey Decanter Set

A lot of motorcyclists find it relaxing to take their bike for a ride then come home, unwind, and have a glass of whiskey. What better way to tie the two together than gifting them with a motorcycle whiskey decanter set?

This particular one found on Etsy.com is sure to make any motorcyclist proud to store it on an easy to see shelf and get it out often. This particular Etsy shop will be able to customize what the decanter set says as well as engrave different types of motorcycles on it.

Patent Shirt

If you think the previously mentioned suggestion of getting framed patent prints as your gift to a motorcycle rider isn’t going to quite impress them, you can always try gifting them with a patent shirt.

Not everyone is crazy about hanging things on their walls; that’s why apparel is a perfect alternative since they can pull it out whenever they want. A patent shirt will have the blueprints of any motorcycle of choice on it. It will let any motorcycle rider express their love for motorcycles without being to abrasive about it. You can find these on most internet platforms such as Amazon or eBay.

Collectible Metal Art

As yet another suggestion for a desk ornament, a collectible metal art piece is appreciated by a lot of motorcycle lovers if you’re looking for that perfect gift for them. You can find all sorts of different types of motorcycle models made from different types of metals.

Garadget For The Garage Door

When someone owns a motorcycle, that often means they have a lot of accessories that go with it. Those accessories (along with the motorcycle itself) are likely to be pretty expensive.

A Garadget (link to Amazon.com) is a unique gift for those who own a motorcycle and store them in a garage. This is a device that attaches to the garage door opener and can be controlled through an app downloaded on a phone.

The Garadget can also sense when a garage opens and closes and can alert the owner of when such activities happen. It can also alert the owner when the garage has been left open on accident. This will give any motorcycle rider the peace of mind knowing their items are safe in their garage.

Phone Holder

Motorcyclists often face the issue of getting creative with finding places to put their phone while they’re out for a ride. The usual spot resorts to pockets either in the jacket or pants. And sometimes they fall out of those pockets.

Gifting a phone holder to a motorcyclist would give them the capability to easily store their phone while also giving them easy access to it if needed. Motorcyclists can often become distracted when they have to stop, pull out their phone, and use a GPS to find where they’re going. A phone holder, like this universal phone holder (link to Motosport.com), would solve all of those problems.

This device clamps on to the handlebars of the motorcycle and gives the rider a clear view of the screen. Since it’s universal, it fits most smartphones and can adjust if needed; they’re also easy to remove.

Bluetooth Device

Sometimes the complete sound of wind rushing past you while riding a motorcycle can seem a bit monotonous. Us motorcyclists like to break up the sound a little by listening to some music while we’re out which can be challenging without the right equipment.

A bluetooth device gifted to a motorcyclist would make their rides much more enjoyable. This Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Headset (link to Motosport.com) would be the perfect gift for a motorcycle enthusiast.

This particular headset has every feature needed while out for a ride including ear sets that are positioned inside the helmet (instead of inside the ears), a microphone, and the capability to link to a smart phone for either phone calls or to listen to music. It can also link to other bluetooth headsets within a mile for communication. And let’s not forget it’s waterproof features!

Universal Socket

The last gift idea for a motorcycle rider I’ll mention is the universal socket. A universal socket, like this one here on Amazon.com, is a socket that can be used for any metal that needs twisting between 1/4 of an inch to 3/4 of an inch (or 7mm to 19 mm).

Loose bolts and parts are just a reality of owning a motorcycle. Any motorcycle owner would love to have a universal socket to use in cases they’re out and about and need a tool to tighten something up. These are quite small and can easily be stored on a motorcycle for emergency use.

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