Motorcycle Security: The Best Products To Prevent Theft

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The small, compact function of a motorcycle is part of what makes them so fun to ride. But it’s no secret that motorcycles are often a target of theft because of their size.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, there were a total of 44,268 motorcycle thefts in the U.S. in 2017. They also state that the more populated city you live in, the increased chances you have at getting your motorcycle stolen.

Securing your motorcycle is important. Because they’re an easy target, you will need to take some extra precautions to ensure the safety of your motorcycle. To keep your motorcycle safe and also put you at ease knowing you have full control of your vehicle, I recommend these security products:

Disc Lock Alarm

Having a disc lock alarm like this one (link to is a simple yet effective way to secure your motorcycle. It’s a small device, no bigger than 4.5 inches, that is easy to carry around with you if you have a large pocket or some type of bag attached to your motorcycle.

It connects to the rotor or rims of your motorcycle. You lock it with a key that you take with you wherever you’re going. The disc lock is made of thick steel that will prevent the motorcycle from moving because it won’t be able to pass a certain point while connected to your wheel. Along with that, it has a loud alarm that goes off when it senses any type of movement.

It easily blends in with the rest of your motorcycle so it will catch any unsuspecting thief by surprise. And for your convenience, it has a reminder cable that you hook on to one of the handles to remind you that it’s on there.

Smart Motorcycle GPS Tracker from Monimoto

It’s actually quite possible to know where your motorcycle is 100% of the time. This Smart GPS Tracker from Monimoto is the perfect solution to help keep your motorcycle safe and know exactly where it is.

This device comes with two main parts, a key fob and a tracker. You place the tracker somewhere hidden on your motorcycle and place the key fob somewhere that you know you’ll take with you on a ride, like your jacket. It is not recommended you place it on your keys as someone may be able to steal your keys too if they intend on taking your motorcycle.

The tracker and key fob will sense each other when they’re in close proximity and will know the actual owner is using the motorcycle. If the tracker senses motion and does not sense the key fob nearby (aka, if it’s getting stolen), it will alert and send you notifications via the Monimoto app and can give exact coordinates of the motorcycle. I use this device on my motorcycle and highly recommend it if you’re wanting some peace of mind!

Wyze Cam

I personally like to have a visual on my motorcycle as much as possible, especially when I’m not close by. The Wyze Cam (link to is an excellent way to fulfill that need.

Not only are these cameras budget friendly, they also don’t require a monthly contract at all. You simply buy the camera with an SD card, install it, and you’re done! These work great inside a garage if you have one. They also work outside if that’s where your motorcycle is kept. They’re not completely water proof so they need to be under some sort of roofing.

I have these cameras through my whole house and I can’t praise them enough. They do need to be somewhat close to an outlet to be plugged in and be connected to wifi. They have an app that you can download that will give you live streaming videos, previous recorded videos, and alerts if it senses any motion or noises.

One of my favorite features, though, is that you can talk through the camera and also tune in and listen to anything that’s happening on the other side. A loud yell on your end would scare away any potential thief from your motorcycle.

Garadget Garage Door Controller

Having a garage is an excellent way to protect your motorcycle. However, if you keep the garage door open or accidentally forget to close it, the garage will do nothing for you. That’s why the Garadget (link to is so awesome.

This device works by attaching it to your garage door opener mechanism. It has a laser that points straight at the inside of the garage door. You place a sensor sticker on the garage door right where the laser points so the device knows when the garage is opened or closed.

You can install their app and open and close your garage door from there. And it gets even better. If you’ve left home and wondered if you left the garage open, you can check your app and see if the garage door is open or closed. If you did leave it open, you can close the garage door from your app, even if it’s a long distance.