15 Motorcycle Date Ideas That’ll Guarantee A Good Time

Motorcycle rides are always a fun activity, but motorcycle rides during a date can almost guarantee a fun time. In fact, a motorcycle ride was the first date my wife and I had.

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to do on a “motorcycle date” other than just going for a ride. This article has 15 creative ideas on what you can do on a motorcycle date that can almost guarantee the both of you will have a great time.

Ride During The Sunrise/Sunset

This suggestion may seem a little cheesy, but you won’t think it’s cheesy while you’re actually out doing it. Seeing the sunset in the car versus seeing it while you’re actually outside makes a huge difference. Which is why doing this on a motorcycle is a great idea.

Look ahead of time to see when the sun is supposed to rise or set; watching the sunrise will likely be less busy on the roads. Find a road that’s usually clear and take your date out to admire nature’s greeting/farewell while being able to completely soak in the environment your motorcycle enables you to do.

Take The Back Roads

This suggestion is especially fun if you live in a smaller town, but it can be done no matter where you live. Taking the back roads on a motorcycle date will give both you and your date a chance to explore that town you live in. Who knows, maybe you’ll come across something you’ve never seen before that the two of you can claim as a special spot.

A day or two before your date, look at a GPS or map to see some possible roads you can ride down. You may even get a good suggestion or two from friends who have traveled down some of those roads you haven seen yet (or your date hasn’t seen).

Take Advantage Of National Parks

If you live close to a national park, take advantage of that and bring a date for a ride on your motorcycle through such a beautiful, designated landscape. There’s something completely different about riding a motorcycle through a national park compared to driving a car. You’re able to immerse yourself much easier and enjoy much more with the company of your date.

If the closest national park you live by is a couple of hours away, trailer your motorcycle and drive there so you and your date have some time to chat before your park endeavor. Don’t forget the treats at the gas station!

Cafe Hopping

In lieu of cafe racer history, you can always go cafe hopping with your date on your motorcycle. During post WWII, youngsters would ride their basic model motorcycles from cafe to cafe and race each other while drinking coffee during their stops (click here to learn more about the history of the cafe racer).

You can always switch this one up a little bit. If there are several places you’ve wanted to try, take this opportunity and try them out with your date using your motorcycle as the source of transportation. You can have an appetizer at one place, the main course at another, and dessert at yet another place.

Scavenger Hunt

The idea of a scavenger hunt may seem a bit juvenile, but it can actually be quite fun with the right person and the right destinations. You’ll likely need the help of a friend to accomplish this.

First, you’ll need to have someone go around town and take pictures of random, easy to access places. But they’ll need to take the picture in a way that makes it difficult to tell exactly where it is. Once you have the pictures ready, you and your date take the motorcycle out and see if you can find all those places and take pictures of them. Then you can end with dessert at you or your date’s choice of place.


Geocaching is an excellent way to cruise around town with your date with a purpose. If you’re unfamiliar with geocaching, it’s an outdoor activity that requires coordinates that’ll take you to an exact spot where a box or container is held. Once you find the container, you sign a piece of paper in there proving you found it. There may also be some sort of trinket or toy in there that you can take and replace with your own trinket.

Using a GPS usually helps a lot when doing something like this though it’s not always required. This motorcycle date idea is a perfect way for you and your date to get to know the town a little better while experiencing the excitement of finding a little treasure.

Participate In A Charity Ride

You usually don’t have to look very hard for a charity motorcycle ride close to where you live. This would be an excellent date idea, especially if both you and your date are passionate about the reason for the charity.

If you’re unfamiliar with what a charity run is, it’s where motorcyclists register and pay to become a part of a group of bikers that ride from one point to another together. The proceeds go to whatever cause the run is organized for and the large group of bikers raises awareness to the public as they ride down the road.

Use A Compass And/Or A Map

As yet another suggestion for adventure, rather than using a GPS or your phone, discuss with your date where you’d like to go and try to find it on your motorcycle using a compass and/or a map.

This is a skill that is long lost since technology has since taken over. This can be especially fun on a motorcycle because you’ll likely make a few wrong turns but will discover some places you may not have otherwise known existed.

Play A Fake Tour Guide

This is one of my favorite suggestions and is something my wife and I have done before while riding a motorcycle on a date. Pick a road that has a low speed but also has a lot of surroundings such as a quaint main street or a road with unique homes (the low speed roads will make it so you’ll be able to hear each other talk).

Take turns telling each other made up facts that you’ve come up with on your own about the buildings and landmarks you’re passing. This will require a lot of improvising. This can get pretty hilarious, especially if your date has particularly funny sense of humor.

Test Ride A Fancy Motorcycle

Going on a date on a motorcycle can be particularly tricky if you don’t have one. But it’s still possible to go on a date using a motorcycle by test riding a motorcycle from a dealership.

You can also do this if you do have your own motorcycle but would like to try something new. Take your date to the closest motorcycle dealership and the two of you pick which motorcycle is your favorite. Also note that if you do this, the both of you will probably need to leave a copy of your licenses with the dealership while you’re out for your ride.

Ride Through An Old Cemetery

Though it may sound a bit creepy at first, cemeteries can actually be quite fascinating especially if it’s an older one. As long as you are respectful to the surroundings, taking a date on a motorcycle ride through a cemetery can be pretty cool!

Before going, take a little bit of time to do some research about the cemetery, how old it is, and learn about a few of the people who are buried there. Headstones are full of symbolism, so as you ride around on your motorcycle try to pick out certain symbols you recognize.

Ride Through A Canyon

We all know that driving through a canyon is nothing less than a pleasurable experience. Canyon motorcycle riding amplifies that pleasure and taking a date while doing so will ensure a good time for the both of you. Being a part of that fresh air is good for any soul.

You can even add to the experience for the both of you by packing a lunch or dinner and making a picnic out of it. Riding a motorcycle gives you an advantage because you can ride to certain destinations that a car couldn’t get to.

Make A Movie Using An Action Camera

Making a movie during your motorcycle adventures is an excellent way to spend time during a date. Using an action camera, such as a Go Pro, is a great option in capturing your adventures on your ride.

You can combine this option with previously suggested date ideas. Film yourselves riding through the canyon, going on a scavenger hunt, or geocaching and edit the material together as part of your date.

Ride Around Rich Neighborhoods

This is another one of my favorite date ideas to do while riding a motorcycle. In fact, my wife and I did this a lot while we were dating and getting close to being engaged.

Find a rich neighborhood near you and take a joy ride throughout while admiring the fancy architecture. If you’re close with the person you’re on a date with, use this as an opportunity to dream about the future and point out houses and styles you both like.

Go To A Drive-In Movie

Drive-in movies have been a favorite American pastime and they can be especially romantic, even on a motorcycle. Talk with your date ahead of time to see which movie options he/she prefers that the drive-in movie is offering and pack some blankets and a few snacks. Also be sure to check with the drive-in theater ahead of time to ensure they allow motorcycles.

For helpful tips to consider when going on a date on a motorcycle, see my other article by clicking here.

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