Where To Put Parking Permit On A Motorcycle

There are a lot of different reasons that you may need a parking pass on your motorcycle. Perhaps, where you live requires you to have it. Perhaps, to park at your job requires a parking pass. Maybe, a certain place where you park frequently requires you to have a pass.

So where should you put a parking permit on your motorcycle? Leave the parking permit in a highly visible location on the front of the motorcycle and back into the spot. This will make it easy for the parking attendant to see your permit. Take a picture of the permit on your motorcycle so if it is stolen you have proof to show management.

When driving a car, utilizing a parking pass is very easy. They can be set on the dash, stuck on the inside of a window, or hung from the rear-view mirror. As these passes are inside of the vehicle, it makes them very secure. No one can steal your pass without going through all of the trouble of breaking into your vehicle. With a motorcycle, it is an entirely different world. It is very easy to simply grab a pass off of a bike and take it away.

Different Places To Put A Parking Permit On A Motorcycle

So where can you put a parking permit on your motorcycle? There is not a good blanket answer for this question. Every bike is different, and some have more places to put one that others. You will need to figure out where on your motorcycle you can put a parking permit.

You want to make sure that where it is placed is somewhere that will not damage paint if it is a sticker. You also want to make sure that it is secure so that it does not blow away, fall off, or get stolen. Depending on your specific make and model, you may have different options as to where you can do this. Checking online forums is a great place to find out what other people are doing on your specific motorcycle.

A few ideas for locations are:

  • Taped to the inside of your windshield
  • Facing forward on one of your front shocks
  • Hanging off a handlebar (if there’s no wind)
  • Hanging off one of the front turn signals (if there’s no wind)
  • If it’s a small enough parking sticker you can put it on your license plate
  • In an acrylic cover bolted to your handlebars or front fork
  • Talk to management, sometimes they don’t require motorcycles to have one visible

There also is always the option to create a place in order to put your parking pass. This will take more work and creativity on your part but will allow you to put the parking pass somewhere where you want. This can also add some more security that will prevent your pass from being stolen.

What To Do If You Cannot Find A Place For Your Permit

If you look all around your motorcycle and cannot find a good place to put your parking permit, what should you do? The very first and sometimes the easiest thing to do is to just talk to the parking management like we have previously explained.

Oftentimes they are very understanding of motorcycle owners and are willing to let you park without a parking permit as long as you provide them with your model/license information to keep on record. This is always worth a shot as you do not have to worry about damaging paint, not having room to put it, or worrying about someone stealing it.

If you have talked to the parking management and they are still going to require you to have a parking permit on your motorcycle, you may have to get creative. If there is not a place to put your permit, you may have to make a place for it. If you look online, there are hundreds of people who have posted their own ideas, how-to’s, and videos on these.

Often times this involves creating a housing out of acrylic or a similar material that will hold the permit in place. This could be hung in the front or back of the bike. By looking online, you can find what people have done on your specific bike. You also can find step by step instructions on how to do all of these things.

Lastly, if you are not one to try to do things like this on your own, there are similar products that you can buy. These offer the same benefits as making one yourself and they prevent you from having to do the work of making them. These are all good things to do if you have a parking permit but cannot find a good place to put it.

Tips To Prevent Yourself From Getting A Parking Ticket

If you own a motorcycle, how can you prevent yourself from getting parking tickets? The very first and most important thing that you can do is to think like someone who is driving a car. One of the biggest misleading thoughts that people have is that if they are riding a motorcycle, they can park wherever they want.

The small size of their motorcycle gives them a false sense of confidence. This leads to parking in places that they should not and ultimately getting parking tickets. The first step to avoiding tickets is remembering that you cannot just park wherever you want, even if you are on a motorcycle. 

Secondly, you will want to pay very close attention to the signs in the parking lot or on the street where you are parking. While some parking areas may be 24/7 there are also many places that will not allow parking at either certain times or on certain days. Many big cities will not allow any vehicle to be parking on certain streets on certain days to allow for the streets to be swept properly.

All vehicles that are parked there when the time comes will get a ticket. That is why it is very important that you pay close attention to these signs and make sure that you are not accidently violating the parking laws where you live. Some places will also only allow parking until a certain hour. Be sure that you are not leaving your bike parked somewhere too long which will result in you receiving a ticket.

Lastly, you will want to pay attention to whether an area requires a parking permit or not. Many places require a parking permit in order to park a vehicle there. Anyone who parks there without a permit can receive a ticket or be towed. As such, it is important that you do not park anywhere that is only for people with parking permits.

If you do have a parking permit for a certain area, it is also important that you are aware of where that parking permit entitles you to park. Many areas will have different sections of a parking area assigned to different parking permits.

You could receive a ticket if you park in the wrong section even if you have a parking permit for a different section. That is why it is always important that you pay attention to any signs around where you are parking.

Additional Safety Tips When Parking A Motorcycle In A Parking Lot

What else can you do to make sure you and your motorcycle are as safe as possible when parked? The way in which you park is very important to keeping your motorcycle safe while you are away. If you are ever parking in a parallel parking type situation, it is always best to back up until your rear tire is touching the curb and then to angle your bike slightly out towards the road.

This will keep it stable and prevent it from rolling but also make you as visible as possible to other drivers who may be looking for a parking spot. The last thing that you want is for a driver to not see your motorcycle and to quickly try to pull into a spot. Always be aware of the visibility of your bike when parking. If you think it is in a place that will be hard to see, it will probably be very hard to see for any other drivers.

Another great way to keep your motorcycle safe is to invest in some security or anti-theft devices. There are a very wide variety of devices out there from GPS trackers, alarms with proximity sensors, and engine disabling devices.

These devices can be used to prevent people from touching and/or damaging your motorcycle as well as stealing it. These things can give you some extra piece of mind when you leave your bike parked out somewhere.

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