It’s fun seeing before and after pictures of a motorcycle restoration and be amazed by the transformation.  But what if you could do that yourself too?

We’ve restored motorcycles for customers all over the country and have extensive experience in the restoration process.  Through this course, you can do it too!

Watch this video for more details!


 Through our video series, you can watch how   we turned this…..



…..into this.       

Here are some of our past projects

This is a 1980 Honda CX500 that I restored while in college.  With the purchase of the motorcycle plus parts for repair, it was about $800.  I sold it for $4,800, for a $4,000 profit.

This is a 1969 TR25W Trophy that I restored in 2017. With the purchase of the motorcycle plus parts for repair, it was about $1,800. I sold it for $5,000, for a $3,200 profit.

This is a 1981 Honda CB650 restoration I did in 2015. With the purchase of the motorcycle plus parts, I paid a total of $900 combined and sold it for $4,000, for a $3,100 profit.







We created Motorcycle Habit to help motorcyclists around the world with common questions they may have about their bikes.  We have received hundreds of emails and messages with questions about motorcycle restoration and knew we needed to create this product.

This video series will walk you through a step-by-step procedure for restoring the motorcycle of your dreams and answer a lot of common questions asked during the process.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

When you click the “Sing Up By Clicking Here,” you’ll be taken to a URL labeled “”  There you will be able to see the list of all of our videos and bonus material but will not have access to it until you pay.  Once you click the “Buy For $20” button, a box will appear where you need to put in your email address (for log in information).  Next, a notification box from PayPal will appear where you can enter your payment information.  No worries if you don’t have PayPal, you can check out as a guest.  Then you will create your login information that you will use to access the video series whenever you want.  Make sure to save your login info as well as the URL!

You will need a set of basic tools to complete a motorcycle restoration.  All of the tools we recommend are inexpensive. A free list of every tool we use, and their price, throughout the series is included in this package.

Once you buy this product, you will have access to our 48 exclusive videos that demonstrate the proper steps to restoring a motorcycle.  In addition, you’ll have access to the list of every tool we use throughout the series, a list of the best places to buy parts, and instructions on what to look for when purchasing your project motorcycle.

This series is for any level, including beginners.  We created this product with beginners in mind and explain everything as we go.

It took the two of us about three months to complete this motorcycle restoration (but keep in mind we have a one year old and Kyle has a regular full time job).  Give yourself 2-5 months to complete a project like this depending on your situation.

Once you buy this product, all the information is yours to keep forever as you will have indefinite access to it.

There will be no refunds given once the course has been purchased.  This is to prevent customers from buying the series, downloading it, then trying to get their money back.